Preserve the Knowledge – Regenerate the code


Change that emanates from technology advancements, new products or core business processes, leads to the necessity for software systems to adapt quickly to new requirements. In order to better address this need, we have built our own development tools. That is how zAppDev was born and has evolved to a unique environment for efficiently building, maintaining and integrating applications. The solutions we deliver combine architectural styles, design patterns, coding practices and technologies in an optimal way.


zAppDev is a cloud-based application development environment. It supports high-level modelling, design validation and code generation in order to automate repetitive tasks and produce consistent applications for multiple platforms. Changes in the design and technology are incorporated fast through an automation engine, using model compiler templates. All these benefits are reflected directly in the generated apps.


Early experience and immediate feedback are key success factors for reaching agreement on complex requirements. zAppDev facilitates IT and business teams collaboration; applications can be tested immediately after each build. You can test your application from day one and throughout the design and development life cycle. Changes are incorporated through accelerated sprints to deliver on schedule, exactly what you need.


We ensure your business model drives the evolution of your custom software throughout its lifecycle.

Turn your Business IT Systems into an open Digital Ecosystem

Optimised connectivity interfaces via API management
Intelligent transformation and data integration from multiple sources
Secure data sharing for improved collaboration and risk control
Business analytics and knowledge discovery from data